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Our Fundraiser Honey


Order your Fundraiser Kit and gear up your team


Your team presents the honey (it really sells itself)


Earn the difference between our super low cost & your sell price

Our Fundraiser Honey


Why Choose Us

No Minimum Order Requirements

We want to help organizations of any size raise money, so we don’t require any specific quota or minimum order for you to get started.

No Advance Purchase Required

Aside from your initial $25 fundraising kit needed to get trained and started, there are no other purchases required.  You can order your honey after you have collected the money first!

Make 50% or more on every unit sold

We want you to make as much as you can on your honey sales…so we don’t mandate a sell price.  Your kit will have recommendations, but ultimately you sell the honey for whatever you feel your market will bear and will earn your organization the most.

Our honey sells itself

We have worked very hard to bring a premium product to you.  With stunning packaging, incredible value and easy to follow training that will make every presentation experience fun and effective; there is no doubt that your organization will be using our program for years to come.

Excellent Support Staff

We are with you every step of the way during your fundraising process.  Should you have questions about any part of the program, we encourage you to contact us and we will cheerfully assist

Why Customers Love Our Honey

Stunning Package

The box alone grabs attention and tells a story.

Reusable Jar

Folks love our high quality jar that can be re-used for other purposes in the future.

FREE Dipper

A great additional item that only helps show the value of the purchase.

Thank You Card

A meaningful message to say thank you along with some fun facts about bee’s and honey.

100% Raw&Natural Honey

There is tremendous value and confidence in getting honey directly from the source…the beekeepers themselves!

Our Honey Supports Your Cause

Combining your cause along with our incredible honey makes buying decisions easy for anyone it is presented to.


How much does the honey cost and what is it sold for?

Because we leave the selling price up to each organization to determine, we don’t advertise or publicly list our costs. Each fundraising kit will have retail price recommendations as well as our honey costs.

Can we get a sample of what we would be selling for the fundraiser?

Absolutely! In fact, every $50 fundraising kit comes with (2) full size samples to have, show…and even sell!  If additional samples are needed, the kit will tell you have to order those and what they cost.

Do we have to advance sell, or can we purchase honey upfront and have it on hand to sell?

For the absolute best results, we recommend organizations have honey on hand to sell as they present. It increases the number of sales and prevents having to make second trips by your team or the purchaser.  However, for organizations that don’t have the upfront capital to make an advanced purchase, we offer the pre-sell option.  The fundraising kit has details on how to make your honey purchase whether you do opt for the pre-sell method or an upfront purchase.

Are their price breaks for larger orders?

Yes.  Naturally, it is less costly (per unit) to fill larger orders than smaller ones.   Your fundraising kit will have the complete details on quantity price breaks, but we can tell you that price breaks are available with quantities as small as 50 units.

Who pays for the shipping of the honey?

Shipping is determined on a case by case basis based on size and ship to location.  The fundraising organization pays for the shipping of the honey when ordered.  However, we strive to keep shipping costs to a minimum and ensure every order arrives timely and in immaculate condition.

Do you do any customer printing/branding of your honey?

We are open to accommodating such a request, but we would need to have the details to present a proposal on what the costs, requirements and timelines would be. Organizations are always welcome to add additional inserts and design flare to the honey once it has arrived to personalize it to their organization or cause.

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