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Our mission is to operate a profitable and family centered business that honors the Stroope name and preserves our family legacy. We will accomplish this mission by preserving and caring for the bees we are entrusted with.  It is only through such stewardship that we will be able to offer excellence in the products and services we provide to our clients and the positive impact we have on our industry.

Stroope Bee Company is a family owned commercial beekeeping operation headquartered in Waxahachie, TX. We provide quality bees for the production of honey and crop pollination services throughout the country.  Our finest quality Grade A honey is sold primarily in bulk to wholesale distributors/packers; pollination services are available upon request to agricultural farmers to ensure increased crop yields.

In 2013, a state of the art honey production plant was built with over 7,500 square feet and the most current extracting equipment available. Geared up to handle our next step in continued growth and development, in the early part of 2014, Mark Stroope Bee & Honey Co. joined forces with; sons, Corey and Travis Stroope; father, Jack Stroope; brother, John Stroope and; nephew Kody Stroope to form Stroope Bee Company, a family centered business that honors the Stroope name and preserves our family legacy. To this joint venture comes four generations of beekeepers who have acquired over 80 years of beekeeping experience.

Mark Stroope, the head of the company, was born into the business in 1963, at which time his father was a commercial beekeeper, as was his father. Involved the business for all his life, Mark had a vision to become a successful beekeeper, as did his family before him. Beekeeping became a family tradition beginning with G.O. Stroope (Mark’s grandfather) in the 1930’s. He had eleven children and involved all of them family beekeeping business. Jack Stroope, G.O.’s youngest son, began his own bee operation in the 1960’s. Mark Stroope was destined to follow in his father’s footsteps.


Upon graduation from high school, Mark’s father presented him with a gift of 75 colonies of bees. In 1982, Mark Stroope Bee & Honey Co. was established on a part-time basis. Over the years, Mark was able to build his colony count to 3,000 hives of bees allowing him to be in business full-time. Mark and wife Susan are the management team of Stroope Bee Company and have since incorporated other family members into the business. Together they have built their colony count to over 10,000 hives of bees and expanded the company’s offerings to other areas within the bee industry.

At Stroope Bee Company, we realize that our customers have many options when selecting a honey production and/or pollination service provider. We are committed to being your honey production and/or pollination service provider of choice. Today, Stroope Bee Company performs their own honey extraction, wax collection and has expanded their honey sales directly to the consumer through retail sales and their incredible fundraising program. Thank you for taking the time to learn about our company, our product and service offerings, and the ways in which we may be of service to you.

We look forward to doing business with you!

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